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This is LessCode.MorePower.Tips - all about Power Platform tips and tricks

The this web site serves two purposes
  • Serve as a repository for tips and tricks on all things Power Platform
    Your are welcome to submit your own via the submit link above
  • Demonstrate some of the powerful features of the Power Platform and Azure together. This site and backend is using the Model-Driven Power Apps, Business Process Flow, Dashboards, Power Automate, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure API Management

Tips Repository

Click Random Tip to get a random tip or trick or click Latest Tips to get a list of the 10 latest tips submitted.
If you have a tip or trick about Power Platform you are welcome to submit it via the Submit link above.

Powerful features of the Power Platform

The web site it self is a Power Apps Portal managed via the Power Apps Portal Management app.

The backend functionality is build as a Model-Driven Power App for AI automated management of tips. This include dashboard for Tips Overview and business process flow for Tips Approval Process.

Tip Approval Process - Business Process Flow

The Tip Approval Process BPF implements AI to automatically verify certain properties of submitted tips. First it checks if the submitted tip includes profanity. This is done using the Azure Cognitive Services Content Moderator service. If tip clears the profanity check it is automatically moved to the next stage where a Sentiment test is done. If the tip has a neutral or positive sentiment it is moved to the Validation stage. This stages implements a Power Automate flow to with an Approval Process so that the site owner is notified of a new tip and select to approve or reject the tip. If approved, the tip is published and available on the web site.

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